Proyecto de escultura orgánica: “Habitania – Aqui vivo yo”.

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“Habitania – here is where I live”

It´s an ancestral impulse for humans to develop their identity within a certain territory or space, in the same way that they have other necessities related to their space which are instinctive, such as their lair or refuge where they feel secure. It is instinctive because it is an innate tendency which even the less evolutionized animals have, in order to protect themselves from the weather and defend themselves against predators.

It is that thought about the place or space, occupied by a specific biological population, whether it is plant, animal or human, where it resides, reproduces and exists, because it offers the best condition to do so. It feels comfortable there and it meets their expectations.

Since the beginning of mankind humans have formed groups living in caves, later in huts and so on and thus beginning the evolution of some home dwelling.

Once the basic necessities have been met such as protection, rest and food, other factors come into play. Many people do not need to group together and the habitat becomes more intimate. The home is improved, made more comfortable and is personalized according to one´s needs.

Within this project, I want to emphasize that even after so many centuries have passed, the basic need for a home and one´s own space still exists.


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